5 Reasons Having a Clean Parking Lot is Important and 2 Ways to Make it Happen

Parking lot sweeping is a best management practice for commercial and retail properties that can have a huge impact on your property's image and can help control your long-term maintenance costs. Your parking lots are the first and last part of your property that your employees and clients see, and should be treated accordingly!

Clean parking lots that are free of debris and litter leave a lasting positive impression on your existing customers and create a positive first impression with your new ones.

Imagine driving in to a retail center that is strewn with litter and gravel and has weeds growing through cracks in the asphalt. What would your first impression be? Would you want to shop there? Your clients remember when properties look great AND when properties don't look maintained, and they adjust their habits accordingly. Having a well-kept parking lot is one more way to attract the clients you want shopping at your business!

Here are the top 5 reasons having a clean parking lot benefits you

1) Regularly cleaned parking lots discourage littering. No one wants to be the first person to throw their litter on the ground! All properties, regardless of whether or not they are high or low-profile, look bad to clients when litter is tumbling in the breeze across parking lots and sidewalks.

2) Premature asphalt breakdown is prevented. As vehicles drive on asphalt coated in gravel and other hard debris, they grind that debris into your pavement, which speeds up the breakdown of your parking lot surfaces and can lead to costly repairs before they're necessary.

3) Pests are deterred. Litter attracts pests and rodents, which can increase your facility's pest-control expenses over time.

4) Clients and employees are attracted and retained. Retail centers must attract new clients and keep repeat business to thrive, and businesses want to keep their talent from leaving. By making sure the entire property, not just the landscape, is always looking great, you can do just that.

5) Your property will stand out... in a good way! You don't want your property to be known for having poor curb appeal, so you budget to keep the landscape looking pristine. But what about your actual curb (and parking lot) appeal? Clients notice when a property looks great and they remember it!

So how do we make it happen?

1) Schedule regular cleaning of your parking lot, curb lines, and sidewalk areas. During our regularly scheduled cleaning services, the Wise Landscaping team eliminates litter and debris from parking lots, sidewalks, and planter boxes, and replaces trash can liners. In hard to reach areas, we sweep and pick up debris by hand to ensure your entire property is left clean.

Depending on your facility's daily traffic volume, the frequency of visits may be once per day, once per month, or somewhere in between. We've found that once per week cleaning works for most retail centers, restaurants, and medical facilities, with special cleaning visits taking place as needed during heavy-traffic seasons.

2) Install and maintain waste cans so your visitors have a place to put their trash other than the ground! During normally scheduled lot cleaning visits, we can empty trash cans and install new trash can liners at minimal cost to ensure they're never overflowing. If your property needs new trash cans installed, we can handle that, too - with tons of styles and price points to select from.

As always, the Wise Landscaping team is here to assist you with making your entire property beautiful. As a part of our no-obligation consultation, we will listen to your needs and develop a customized plan to ensure your expectations and budget are met. You have enough to worry about when it comes to managing you property. Working with Wise Landscaping allows you to consolidate vendors and have one point of contact for all of your outdoor needs. You owe it to yourself to see how the Wise Team will deliver the best customer service and quality you could ask for. Contact us online or by phone today to make your life easier tomorrow!

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