Wise Landscaping Handles Snow Events Better... Here's How.

Most snow and ice management companies have tons of similarities. From the brands of equipment used, to the type of salt put down, there's a lot in common between company A and company B, and both want your business.

But what about them sets them apart from the expert snow team at Wise Landscaping?

Probably not much.

Snow removal companies A through Z usually have the following traits in common:

1) They're reactive to weather events, not proactive.

2) Their management teams are so busy trying to coordinate resources that they have no time for customer service.

3) They don't follow industry-standard best practices, they're too stuck in their ways to change.

4) Their trucks are routed on paper, requiring a truck with a changed schedule to come all the way back to the office to get a new route sheet... what a waste of time!

5) Their drivers are their landscape employees who just happen to be behind the wheel of a plow truck... usually with very little or no safety and operations training. That's asking for an accident!

6) They aren't prepared to successfully handle different types of storms, they "wing-it" depending on what the weather man says MIGHT happen.

7) They don't know where their trucks are unless they call their drivers for an update.

Does this sound like the company you want to be responsible for making your parking lots and sidewalks safe for your clients, tenants, residents, and employees?

No. Way.

After reading the list above, I bet you can guess how the Wise team tackles snow events...

1) We respond proactively to weather events. Wise Landscaping utilizes 2 weather forecasting services to monitor weather 3, 5, and 7 days in advance. We also use weather stations spread between Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus to get real time information during snow storms that allows us to intelligently flex our resources to the areas that need them the most. Live radar and weather data is displayed on 2 screens 24/7, 365 days of the year in our central operations center. We don't get surprised by winter weather events.

2) At Wise Landscaping, we leverage technology to reduce the number of people needed to successfully manage a snow event. This allows our Account Managers to focus on being Account Managers, not Operations Managers! When you partner with the Wise Team, you will have unlimited 24/7 contact with your Account Manager during winter weather events. Instant reply via phone or email is just one way the Wise team delivers the best customer service possible to our clients.

3) Wise Landscaping is a leading provider of snow & ice management services in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Ohio not only because our quality of work and customer service are both great, but because we're on the leading edge of snow & ice management materials and techniques. With tools in our arsenal such as the SnowRator, which allows us to clean sidewalks up to 7 times more efficiently than shovels and snowblowers, and the Kage Plow, which allows our front loaders and skid steers to convert quickly between a normal snowplow and a snow push box, allowing our equipment to always be optimized to the type of property we are serving. In addition to cutting edge equipment, Wise Landscaping is also the only snow & ice management contractor in Cincinnati, Dayton, or Columbus with the ability to produce and apply it's own sodium chloride and calcium chloride brine mixes, which gives us the flexibility to melt snow and ice up to 3x faster than bulk salt alone at temperatures as low as 5* below zero!

4) Our operations are 100% paperless. With route sheets provided via instantly updated software on truck mounted iPads, Wise Landscaping is able to adjust the service routes of any vehicle, at any time, in real time! In addition to routing information on our iPads, our equipment operators and technicians can pull up color coded site images of every property we service! These images show our employees which areas to plow (and what to plow first, second, third, etc), where to stack snow piles, what sidewalks to service, where fire hydrants are located, and where any other hazards may be on the lot. This allows us to service you right the first time - every time, regardless of who is operating the equipment on your property. Our automated Site Visit Reports are also paperless, and are automatically emailed to you at the conclusion of every service with an outline of the who, what, when, where, and why of our service visit.

5) Our equipment operators are our full-time landscape employees, but we provide over 20 hours of snow-specific training to each team member every year, regardless of the number of seasons the employee has managed snow with our team. Our team members with an average of 3 years' service with the company have almost 80 hours of classroom and practical training and over 450 hours of real-world experience managing snow events ranging from nasty ice storms to 10" snow downpours.

6) We don't "wing-it"... EVER! All of our winter weather event responses are pre-planned before the first flake of snow falls during the season. We have game plans for every type of snow event you can imagine, ranging from a 1" dusting of snow to 1" of ice accumulation to 15" of snow accumulations and everything in between. What this means for our customers is that they can be assured we are responding to weather events in the most efficient way possible, every time, no matter what the weather is doing.

7) We know where all of our equipment is at all times because it is tracked by GPS. This may seem simple enough, but 95% of all snow and ice management providers can't tell you where their equipment is without calling the truck's driver and asking what his location is. The Wise Landscaping team doesn't operate in the stone ages like that. In our Central Operations Center, we can see every piece of equipment's GPS-tracked location on a TV screen that is updated every 60 seconds to give us a true representation of where our team members are, what property they are servicing, and how long they've been there. Our management software also geo stamps every "clock in" and "clock out" of equipment on properties, so we have a redundant system of tracking our service times. This reduces liability for both ourselves and our customers in the event of a slip and fall claim.

Now tell us, who do you want managing your property during winter storms?

We're a little different, but we're ok with that.

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