What does an irrigation system checkup include and why should I consider one?

Many commercial properties have irrigation systems that help keep turf growing thick, green and healthy during periods of high heat and decreased rain.

Irrigation systems are not maintenance - free, and performing a system checkup can help identify any issues that may be present before those issues have a chance to negatively impact your turf's health.

At Wise Landscaping, our irrigation system checkup includes the following:

1) Zone coverage - When performing a system checkup, it is important to make sure that irrigation

heads and rotors are watering the correct areas to prevent over watering and under watering.

2) Watering duration - Different seasons require different watering times in turf areas, landscape beds, and annual flower displays. Adjusting these system watering times is a quick, low-cost insurance policy that helps prevent seasonal stress and damage to your plants.

3) Leak Detection - Leaks in irrigation supply lines can be detrimental to the soil and turf near the leak as the excess water leaving the pipe erodes the surrounding soil as it drains away from the leak. Leaks can also harm irrigation system components downstream of the leak. If soil, rocks, or organic debris finds it's way into the system, heads, rotors, valves, and supply lines may be blocked or damaged, creating more costly repairs down the road.

4) Identification of broken components - Your irrigation system is like any other mechanical system - wear and tear is normal and will happen. By completing a system checkup, broken or damaged components can be identified and replaced before further damage occurs. This also help reduce water waste and ensures that your landscape is receiving the correct amount of irrigation.

Mid season system checkups can save you hundreds of dollars by diagnosing small issues before they become big headaches. Irrigation systems are not "set it and forget it" systems. Taking the time to properly maintain your system will pay dividends in the future.

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